Pittwater Mowers has been servicing and repairing outdoor power equipment since 1968.

Our staff are fully qualified service technicians.  We service and repair all the brands of outdoor power equipment that is sold by Pittwater Mowers, plus other quality brands as well (depending on parts availability per model and cost efficiency).

 Mowers & Handheld Products for servicing don’t need to be booked in prior, it’s as easy as just dropping the machine off to either of our stores, or calling us if you would like to use our pick-up and delivery service.

Once your machine is booked into our system at the counter for service or repair, we will hand you a job receipt so you have proof that we have your machine and that it’s booked in correctly.  If we obtain your mobile phone number whilst booking your machine in, we can simply send you a text message once your machine is completed and ready for collection.

Please note that during our busy season (October to March) our workshop can get overloaded with machines dropped in which can result in the turn-around time going out to a 6 week wait at times, so please call prior or check at the counter for an estimated time frame.

All our workshop services get returned with a three month workshop warranty for domestic/consumer customers, or a one month workshop warranty for commercial customers.

Ride-On Mowers requiring servicing or repairing MUST be booked in prior (just like booking your car in for a service at a dealership).  Please call first and book your machine in, and we will let you know close to the time we are ready for you to drop the machine in, or when we are ready to pick it up from you if you are choosing to take advantage of our delivery service.

Service Costs vary depending on what is required and the condition of the machine.  If the machine is broken down or is simply needing some repair work on top of a routine service, then the cost is likely to be more than a general service.  Our trained mechanics are always wary of costs and are most likely to call you with a quotation prior to carrying out the works if they feel it may be considered uneconomical to repair.

Average Service Costs

  • Handhelds (Trimmers, Chainsaws, Blowers etc) $160 avg
  • Lawn Mowers (petrol powered) $200 avg
  • Ride-On Mowers $500 avg


Terrey Hills

287 Mona Vale Rd,
Terrey Hills NSW 2084
(02) 9986 1226

Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm
Saturday, 8am - 4pm
Sunday, 9am - 3pm

North Manly

390 Pittwater Rd,
North Manly NSW 2100
(02) 9939 6729

Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm
Saturday, 8am - 4pm
Sunday, 9am - 3pm